• Version: 0.1.15
  • Released: 2022-12-14

Quickly and easily turn your markdown content into a fast and customizable website.

yarn add jsssg
yarn jsssg

> Generating static site...
> Site generated at "/build"
> ✨  Done in 1.02s.

JS.SSG is a tool for converting your markdown files into HTML. One of the best things about JS.SSG is that it lets you write your templates in JSX (or vanilla JS, if you prefer) without having to worry about installing or configuring additional build tools. This makes it super easy to create customised and dynamic templates for your website.


  • Templates are "just JavaScript", so you have complete control
  • Use JSX in your templates without any configuration or additional build tools
  • Use components in your templates (after all, it's just JS(X))
  • RSS feed and sitemap are automatically created for you
  • Supports MDX, so you can use components within your content
  • Optimizes and resizes your images for you
  • Flexible taxonomy system to easily use tags, categories, and more

Getting Started

The "Getting Started" section of the documentation is designed to guide you through the process of setting up a project with JS.SSG and building your first website.

  • 1. Content

    This page covers the basics of writing your content in markdown files and how to turn those files into HTML.

  • 2. Templates

    This page shows you how to create templates to customise how your content is displayed.

  • 3. Assets

    This page shows you how to manage assets like styles, scripts and images.

Once you have read these pages and have a basic understanding of how JS.SSG works, you can move on to the Advanced Usage page for information about more advanced features of JS.SSG.

Advanced Usage

Once you've mastered the basics, these pages provide information about more advanced features of JS.SSG, such as configuration options, pagination and collections (categories, tags, etc.), and overriding the defualt templates for built-in pages (like the RSS feed and the sitemap).

  • Commands

    See all the optional arguments you can add to the basic jsssg command.

  • Configuration

    Customise almost any aspect of the build using a config.json file.

  • And more

    coming soon...